EKUI Materials

The EKUI Alphabet is a didactic and inclusive material with a literacy strategy for all. A single card for people with different needs and motivations designed to work:

  • the visual and sequential memory
  • the auditory discrimination
  • the figure-ground discrimination
  • the phonetic and language skills
  • the citizenship skills

The EKUI Alphabet box contains:

  • 26 cards with the letters of the alphabet. Each card has the letter:
    • handwritten and with the respective grapheme
    • in visual and tactile Braille
    • in Portuguese Sign Language
    • in international phonetic alphabet

A digital application for smartphones,
tablets and PCs with:

  • Video phonetic alphabet
  • Video LGP Alphabet
  • 1 interactive game

*Available soon

A KIT with material for teachers and therapists:

  • 1 EKUI Alphabet Box
  • EKUI letters A4 alphabet
  • Tables with alphabet with 4 readings

*Available soon