EKUI: For a world without communication barriers


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Universal right to learning


A universal and accessible language for everyone


Changing the world into a place where everyone belongs

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What is EKUI

EKUI is a line of playful and didactic material for a more inclusive communication, without barriers. As such, EKUI was designed to develop:

  • language and communication
  • psychomotor skills
  • critical thinking
  • social and emotional intelligence
  • imagination and creativity

The Story of EKUI by its creator, Celmira Macedo:

“The idea of the EKUI came to me in 2003 when I was teaching special education classes to students with autism and cognitive limitations. At the time, I realized that children were able to identify the letters of the Portuguese alphabet a lot easier if I associated them with a sign of the Portuguese sign language.

It became clear to me that we were lacking a didactic material which allowed children to learn and communicate in an equitable manner, a basic right of every citizen.

It has been a rewarding journey: today, thousands of children are learning to read with the EKUI methodology and I believe this is just the beginning of a big change. The change into a more inclusive world where equality starts when we exercise our right of communication and a universal language.”

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The first 3 letters of the EKUI Alphabet App


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